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She isn’t even sure why she’s letting this happen. She’s normally so brash and boyish, and getting offered some cash to get her tits out in the woods? Fuck yeah, she’d do that. It sounded funny.

But now? Now she’s less confident… At first it was easy, but then the man asked her to show off her cunt as well. She was a little less certain, but couldn’t see any reason in saying ‘no’…

…And now? Now he’s saying he wants to see her slide a finger inside herself… And she really doesn’t want to do it, she really just wants to stop this here but… she can’t. she just can’t seem to bring herself to do it. All of her usual loudness just seemed to have… left her.

Before this is over, he’ll be fucking her up against a tree, telling her what a nice, pretty, sweet little thing she is… And all she’ll be able to do is silently nod in agreement.


My thanks to Broken-Down-Sluts for this picture.

Since it looks as though she’s taking off a Batgirl bra, I think I will also post this to Earth-349.

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