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Josh and his friends accidently stumbled onto sissy hypno porn in their freshman year of high school and it changed all of them forever. First they started jacking off to shemale porn, then they started wearing their sisters panties and cumming in them, then they started having dress up parties where they’d wear their sisters clothes. Then one day they got caught and their secret was out. With nothing to hide anymore they transitioned into full tgirls. They all go by girls names now and suck, fuck, and get fucked on a regular basis. Here they are embracing their slutty side about to be dancers at Josh’s ( or Jolene’s) older brother’s bachelor party. Jolene knew exactly which special boy she was going to make sure she sucked off tonight

Putting aside the use of “shemale” here, this is yet another in the long long line of captions where “becoming female” translates to “becoming a slut” – it’s always just about wanting to bang guys, and the idea that if you suck a dick, you are doing something inherently female and therefore are not a dude. 

Newsflash. Gay and bi people exist. Going down on dick is not restricted to just women. 


Lol idc, I want to be a girl so I can be a slut and go down on guys. Gth if you don’t like that😏

What a well-thought out and relevant response bravo *golfclap*. Thanks for making a mockery out of people who struggle with their gender identity every day but you know, sucking dick is what’s most important.


“Hey, good news, gang!  Jack at the tire store called – he apologized for the nasty things his assistant said to us the other day, and offered all of us jobs!  He said it was ‘special sales assistant’ for the car show, but he might be able to keep us on afterward, too!”

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