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Even beneath a business suit, a female is still a female. While a competent, professional, and outwardly composed female is attractive to me and, in my view, wholly appropriate in public, underneath she still is a cunt, and she knows she is a cunt. Whether enhanced by hot pink thongs along with her neatly pressed skirt and pumps, or the act of removing the panties on demand, the leaking hole is a constant reminder of her place. And she would have it no other way.

While most office girls dress like schoolgirls or hookers, some bosses prefer to set a more old-fashioned dress code, especially if their staff runs heavily to demoted executives.

Ordering a woman

to present her tiny pink thong for inspection when she is wearing an outfit she bought when she was a lawyer or a department head is a pleasure which never gets old for many men.

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True. we would have it no other way.

This tomboy’s downfall was different from most.

It wasn’t pink panties that started her slide – it was being promoted out of the repair shop and being made a travelling inspector for the company, visiting the workrooms of the company’s many affiliates to make sure work was being done to the company’s specifications.

Because she was now an executive, she had to wear dignified suits, which according to the company’s dress code meant skirts only.

She hated wearing skirts, and couldn’t wait to get home and slip into jeans and a sweatshirt (no bra), “as God intended”, or just walk around the house in undershirt and panties.  At first.

Eventually, she began dressing with more care even outside of work hours.  She did her recreation in stylish separates now, and at home she was more likely to wear lingerie than an undershirt.  And at work, she wore the raciest underwear she could find.

It reached the point where the first thing she did on getting home was to change out of her office wear into “something more comfortable”, and the very first thing she did was take off her thong and let the breeze pass over her vulva.

She never wore panties at home, no matter how short her nightgown might be.

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