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she came in for an interview all dressed up in business suit

she left a new cunt of the New World Order

Krissy was a federal agent after a vile criminal named Xander who kidnapped a woman months ago. However, she got in over her head and was captured by Xander quite easily. 

With the federal agent in his clutches, Xander used every opportunity to use and abuse the woman to his liking. He fucked her, tit fucked her, made her suck his cock, and vibed her until she was nothing more than a drooling mess. 

As Krissy began pleading for mercy, she soon realized that the only way she could survive is by giving in to his demands. However, the more and more she submitted to his perversions, she found herself getting wetter and wetter. Xander proved himself to be a master at manipulating a woman’s body. 

His raw masculinity and power, combined with the bondage and the helplessness of her situation eventually wore down the sexy agent until she begged not for mercy, but to be fucked by him over and over. He would, but only if she accepted the collar and became his sex pet.

Krissy gladly accepted becoming a slave to the vile criminal.

A few hours later, a newly collared Krissy crawled down into Xander’s dungeon, where she met the woman she had been searching for all this time. There she was, kneeling against the wall, perfectly still, metal collar chained against the wall. But what amazed her most was her face. She was smiling. This woman had been kidnapped, raped, and turned into a sex slave, but she was seemingly happy where she was. This wasn’t some fake smile she put on to acquiesce her captor, Krissy could tell she was genuinely happy. 

But there was little time to dwell on that. Her breaking happened mostly while the woman was bound. Now, it was time to show her devotion to her new master.

And that she did, gladly. The former federal agent worshiped his cock, kissed his feet, opened her cunt, and did whatever else her new master ordered her to. All the while, he ordered her to shout her submission over and over again. Yell about how much of a slut she was and how sorry she was for getting in his way and daring to defy him. At how he showed Krissy her rightful place and that he was the good guy all along. That Krissy was the bad guy and needed constant punishment to atone for her ways. She continued to humiliate herself at her master’s whim for the next few hours, showing her devotion more and more.

When Xander was finally finished with his new toy, he led her over to the same wall and attached her leash to the same lock the other slave kneeled. Her new slave sister bowed her head and started licking up the remaining cum droplets off of Krissy’s chest. As she did so, Krissy leaned back and sighed happily.

Being a sex slave wouldn’t be so bad after all.

(Real talk: That’s the actual plot of the porno. It’s freaking awesome, look it up.)

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