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Bon voyage babe

Ironic that this should be marked “NSFWFORSURE”, when the former pilot is, of course, at her work station, as a “Screwardess” for Overland Airways, serving a First Class passenger in the manner men have become accustomed under the New Order.

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Welcome on board of flight 69 of slut airways. Passengers of the business class will be taken to their seats by their personal flight sluttendant. Passengers of economy class can press the button overhead for a service slut. Please be aware that the number of economy flight sluttendants is limited, but there are enough to service every passenger until our estimated time of arrival at least once.

They don’t get much more “tomboy” than Major Carla Fenn, USAF.  With two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, there was literally nowhere for her to go except UP – as an astronaut pilot in her friend Harold Giordano’s BeaconSpace private space venture.

Unfortunately, the job Harold actually had in mind for Carla was as his company’s Miss Friendlyskies, persuading potential investors to open their wallets for him, and one of his other fellow vets (formerly with an Intelligence unit) had some nifty “nonviolent techniques of persuasion” to persuade Carla to agree.

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#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Follower Submission  #BJ  #Blowjob  #Shower  #She Just Can’t Resist Guys Like This  #She Wants To Be Tough  #But She Winds Up On Her Knees  #Choosy Perverts Choose GIF

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

#Kiss  #I Kissed A Girl And  I Liked It  #Akanure Ichiban  #Sparkle  #Choosy Perverts Choose GIF

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

I kissed a girl, and I liked it.

#Kiss  #I Kissed A Girl And  I Liked It  #Akanure Ichiban  #Sparkle  #Choosy Perverts Choose GIF

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💫🌸pink like your fingers in my, maybe🌸💫

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“I got her to grow her hair out, and switch to…

“I got her to grow her hair out, and switch to skirts.  She even wears pink, like that top she’s wearing in this video.  She was such a good girl about most of the changes I wanted her to make, I decided to let her continue to bicycle every day – but I do require that she do it a bit differently now.”

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“After the first fall, I had to take off my sp…

“After the first fall, I had to take off my sports bra.

“After the second, I had to take off my shorts.

“When he pinned me, the third time, he asked if I wanted him to stick his cock in me.  I said, ‘No’.  He said, ‘Fine, I’m no rapist’, and gave me this  stupid garter belt to wear.

“I don’t know why I still thought I could take him, after he’d flattened me that fourth time in a row, and made me put on the matching bra, but I still wouldn’t give in: I still wouldn’t let him fuck me, and I still wouldn’t admit I couldn’t beat him.

“I don’t blame him for raising the ante after that.  He must have been tired, and fucking frustrated as Hell – he took his shorts off after the second fall, he was so sure I was going to let him have me, and he’d had a really stiff hardon the whole time since – so when I still wouldn’t let him fuck me, he said that he was going to shave my pubic hair.  I’ve never done that – I hate the idea – but I was stubborn enough to lie there and let him lather me up and take away my little red forest.  God, that was humiliating!

“I’m not sure whether it was the humiliation or the physical stimulation of being lathered up and razored that did it, but when he took me down the next time, I finally said, ‘Okay, fuck me’ – and then the bastard stood up, not touching me, and made me say it again, very specifically and clearly, ‘Yes, I want you to fuck me, right now’, so there was no question but that I meant it.  He practically made me beg for it.

“And hey, you know, it was…it was worth it!”

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The secret to a successful relationship!

Dear Sirs, there is a secret to a healthy and happy relationship. Way too few Sirs know of this and even fewer do apply it. But you really gotta spank your girl, especially when she steps out of line. Girls need boundaries. We need to know what is allowed and what is forbidden. We thrive in clearly regulated environments. We love to know what is expected and what is frowned upon.

Dear Sirs, you need to create such an environment in your relationship. Be concise with what you expect your girl to do, be generous with praise when she follows directions and be strict with punishment when she misbehaves. Spankings are one of those key things that are just way too undervalued.

So, be the Man and let your girl feel it.

Honestly if a guy is manly enough to spank me without warning like a child, I found myself a husband

True, that is husband goals right there. 😊

Peth read “The secret to a sucessful relationship!” and was disgusted and horrified.  How could any woman live that way?  She wanted to track down @the-modern-female and give her (or more likely him!) a piece of her mind!

Then she read the essay again, feeling sorry for the author, wondering if there were some way she could reach the poor woman, show her how she was twisted in her thinking….

She looked for a long time at the cycling .gif of the woman being spanked.  A woman who reminded Peth oddly of herself, although there was no physical resemblance.  The woman was wearing a skirt, some sort of lingerie, nothing like what Peth normally wore.  The man was wearing clothes much more like what Peth wore, but there was something about that which stirred something deep inside her: a man wearing clothes like that, while Peth wore skimpy clothing with skirts, skirts which could be flipped up for a spanking without notice….

Three months later, Peth was stuffing the last of her jeans and flannel shirts into a bag for the Goodwill, her bottom stinging under her skirt because she’d had to be reminded twice to make a clean sweep of her tomboy clothes.  There were tears on her cheeks.  But she was smiling.

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ccocklustt:please leave a message gooner.. Fac…


please leave a message gooner..

Face it honey: when you deprive a cocklover of cock for over a year, she’s bound to finally give in and indulge herself in a dick or five.

Sure, she loves you.  Sure she’s a lesbian.  But she’s still a cockslut.  Learn to accept it.  Maybe even try one yourself.

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He turns you on fantastically.  When you’re wi…

He turns you on fantastically.  When you’re with him, you don’t feel at all like the smart-aleck tomboy you are the rest of the time.

But every time he smugly refers to himself as an “alpha male”, you’re terrified that your inner pedant is going to spur you to tell him that according to science there’s no such thing as an “alpha male”, even among canines, let alone among primates:

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #”Alpha Male”  #Nerdgirl  #Rifling Her Files  #Choosy Patriarchalist