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My girlfriend is always trying to get me to go bi, but I’m going to remain Gold Star for as long as I can.

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sweet-little-molested-melissa:It will be our s…


It will be our secret sweetie…no one will know

“Please…I have a girlfriend.  She can’t ever find out I sucked a guy’s dick.”

“It’s all right, honey, she doesn’t have to know about us.”

“Okay.  I mean, especially since it was you.  She, um, she doesn’t like you, you know.”

“Heh-heh, yes, I do know that.  But we won’t tell her, will we?”

“Okay, just so you understand.”

“Of course, dear.  So, come here again tomorrow at twelve-thirty, same as today.”

“Um…what for?”

“To suck my cock again.”

“What?  Oh, God, no, I can’t!  I can’t, not ever again!  I don’t know why I did it even once, I can’t do it again!”

“Sweetie, think it over: you liked doing it, it didn’t do you any harm, and if you keep coming back, I have a reason not to tell your little girlfriend about how much you like to suck dick.”

“ … . “

“So, twelve-thirty tomorrow, same as today.  See you, pigeon!”

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IG: imthatmercury

IG: imthatmercury

Come say hi- @byezeus Starting to play with …

Come say hi- @byezeus

Starting to play with gender binaries finally. Cut my hair and gently binding. I feel much more at home in my body❤️

Domesticated Dyke: A Lesbian Feminist Story


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“Oh, this guy can fuck right OFF,” sputtered Caroline.

The beautiful brunette sat with her friend Maria at a table in their local pub, staring in shock at Maria’s phone-or more accurately, at the Tumblr blog which Maria had pulled up on the screen.

Caroline’s face twisted into a mask of rage as she scrolled through post after post demeaning women, showing them as pets, slaves and bimbos slobbering over guys’ cocks. As an avowed feminist and hardcore lesbian, she had always found men pretty distasteful, but this…THIS was just beyond anything she’d ever witnessed. In this modern world, Caroline found it impossible to believe that anyone could be so completely sexist and chauvinistic without an army of righteously angry women tearing him from limb to limb.

Maria watched her friend’s expression carefully as Caroline continued scrolling in disbelief. “I couldn’t believe it either. This asshole even uses the ‘feminism’ hashtag in order to ensure that feminists see his bile!” Caroline looked up, shaking her head as she put the phone down.

“What a fucking dickless motherfucker. He knows what he’s doing, trying to get us all pissed off at him so he can claim victimhood. I mean, ‘become a better girl?’ What the hell kind of corny slogan is that? As if girls who kneel and serve men are better than strong, independent women!”

Maria grinned. “Yeah, I mean, it’s not like guys know how to make us women happy anyway, which is why so many of us are just fucking each other these days instead.”

Caroline snorted in derision, downing a shot of liquor in one swallow. “I bet you he’s just some tiny dicked sad little man who’s never even seen a woman naked in real life! Someone needs to give him a square kick in the balls!”

As if the universe knew that Caroline needed someone to take out her anger on, two young men walked up to the pair of lesbians, smiling as they offered to buy the women drinks.

Caroline turned to the men, the flames of rage erupting in her eyes. “What, why do you want to buy us drinks, gentlemen?” she sneered sarcastically. “Maybe you think we can’t afford to buy our own? Or maybe you’re hoping that you can get us drunk enough to rape us when we pass out? Haven’t you heard, you assholes? Girls don’t need your drinks, your dicks, or your presence in our lives anymore!”

The guys were too shocked to respond as Caroline stumbled away from the table, Maria following her and keeping her steady as they walked outside to hail a cab.

“That felt good,” said Maria with a grin. It wasn’t a happy smile, however; it was full of malice and anger.

Maria nodded as she helped her friend into the cab. “I bet it did. Let’s get you home so you can sleep and forget about this…” for a second the alcohol kept the blog’s name out of Maria’s head-”…Soulcorruptor.”

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[OOC: I enjoyed the story quite a bit, but there was one element which jarred on my mind’s ear.  There’s no way that any feminist would accept without dispute the accusation of being a “man hating feminist”.  That’s like those fake quotes made up by anti-Communists in which Lenin supposedly gloats over his goal of “enslaving” a nation, as though he were the stupider sort of supervillain.  That, far more than the extraordinary persuasive abilities of @Soulcorruptor’s self-insert character, took me out of the story.]

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So what's the deal with lesbians craving …

So what's the deal with lesbians craving cock on tumblr? You like pictures of girls, but you're clearly so thirsty for cock you can't go a day without begging for our attention?

I can only speak for myself but I’ll try to explain.

When I was a girl I always had a crush on the prettiest girl in class. When puberty came I got curious about guys but stuck to girls.

Now it’s still not about the guy but about the power symbol between his legs. Look at how much guys obsess over dick size and how many girls they fuck. Just cause it feels good? No because penetration is power. Fucking a girl is dominating her. She gave herself up for your pleasure of course your gonna brag about that. It’s how you assert your power in the social hierarchy.

That turns me on I can’t deny that. Giving into power. Watching myself get weaker. Being broken down until I beg to please him. Let him control my body and soul for his pleasure. Watching him brag to his friends about the things I let him do to me. Letting him show me off and insult me while they laugh. It doesn’t matter if he’s young or old. Hot or ugly. As long as he has that power.

I think that’s what turns me on so much about the Trump movement too. These guys were the deplorables. The guys everyone laughed at. Then they took over the world while noone was watching. They have the power now. They won we lost. They grin we cry. They stand we slowly kneel.

My brain is weeping when I see what they are doing with that power. But my stomach and my pussy doesn’t care. They want me to apologize for putting up a fight in the first place. Admit I was wrong and they were right. Reward them for everything they’ve done. Submit to the new leaders. Join the winning movement.

Stop fighting and just let them have what is rightfully theirs.



“I don’t want to touch it, I don’t.  If I wanted to touch it, I would have touched it when he whipped it out, like, five minutes ago.  I only came over to tell him that I couldn’t see him any more, because I wasn’t going to cheat on my girlfriend, not with anybody, least of all with a man.

“There’s no way I’m going to touch a man’s cock, ever.  He has to know that.  Why is he just standing there with his cock sticking out like that, not saying anything, just standing there, looking down at me, like he expects me to do something.  I’m not going to do anything.  No way am I going to touch that thing.  It’s bad enough that I can smell it, and feel the heat coming off it, No way am I going to touch it.

“He might as well put it away….”

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“Anna calls Barbara ‘Bob’.  When Barbara comes over to my place, though, she takes off her Ben Davis jeans and her Chuck Taylor tennis shoes.  She puts on pink lingerie and shiny pink lipstick, and the necklace with the name I call her.

“I’m not saying she doesn’t enjoy her life with Anna as ‘Bob’.  I’m just saying that  ‘Barbie’ is a very real part of her life, too.”

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I don’t think she really likes dick that much.  If you were willing to spank her, she probably wouldn’t be cheating on you.

But since you can’t bring yourself to turn her bottom pink, I’m getting some of the best blowjobs of my life.

It’s funny.  I’ve had sex with a lot of self-identified lesbians, and they tend to be the ones who give the best head.  I wonder how you would perform….

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When Helen told Ignacio that she and Julia wer…

When Helen told Ignacio that she and Julia were having trouble paying their rent, he offered to pay them $75 for either of them to come over and clean his apartment for an hour once a week.

They take turns at the job.  Julia doesn’t tell Helen about the special “cleaning outfit” that Ignacio bought for her, or the $100 “tip” she earns at the end of her hour of cleaning.

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