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“I always liked giving head.  I never thought …

“I always liked giving head.  I never thought it was demeaning.  Except when a guy asked me to get on my knees while he stood over me.  That was kind of creepy, so I wouldn’t do that.  And I never let them put a hand on my head, because I might choke on it, as good as my skills were.  Plus, I never let a guy come in my mouth.  Just those occasional droplets told me I didn’t want a mouthful of the stuff.

“This guy, though…when he unbuttoned my top and peeled it off and played with my tits, and then told me to get on my knees, it made me feel really funny.  I did it.  I dropped right down without really thinking about it.  It felt good.  He unzipped his pants, and I started sucking, and that felt even better.  He clamped his hand on my head, and I felt like I was going to come.  I still feel like I might come.

“I know he is going to come in my mouth.  I can deal.  I’m going to swallow it.  It’ll be something new for me, but trying new things is good, right?”

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IG: imthatmercury

IG: imthatmercury

Come say hi- @byezeus Starting to play with …

Come say hi- @byezeus

Starting to play with gender binaries finally. Cut my hair and gently binding. I feel much more at home in my body❤️

@EuroTrilll 💶 Miami 2018

@EuroTrilll 💶
Miami 2018

naughtyfuckdolls2-0: Use my holes and you’ll f…


Use my holes and you’ll feel better.

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masterlovehurts: Taylor and Mckenzie thought …


Taylor and Mckenzie thought their new life in their own apartment would be awesome, but they hadn’t bothered to read the lease. Their apartment had an Open Holes policy, which meant every man in the apartment complex was allowed to fuck them any way they liked any time of the day or night.

When their mouths weren’t stuffed with cock, their assholes and cunts were getting fucked raw. They barely got a moment of rest, except for going to college classes and work. Of course, once men found out they screamed and moaned even loader when fucked in the ass side-by-side, that became the new every-day for them.

It was way more awesome than the two eighteen-year-old sluts ever dreamed!

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mansplaintome: defeatedliberal: Yet another f…



Yet another feminist waking up to a wet dream about President Trump taking her rights away.

They’ve become more and more vivid as the months have passed.

Even after Trump leaves office, she’ll never be able to get off without being degraded by misogynistic men ever again.

Me every morning.

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eternallyobedient: swedishcervixpoker: Hottes…



Hottest photoset on Tumblr!

… I just got so wet

“I shaved your pussy for you because of how nice and smooth it feels, so much better than trying to find the fucking hole in all that jungle.  I spent a good two hours getting you perfectly slick.  All you had to do was keep up with the stubble, but you were too lazy to do that!”

“Not lazy, you dickhead – I never wanted to be shaved!  I told you that when you said that what you wanted from winning the bet was to shave me.  I told you that I wasn’t going to keep it shaved.”

“I figured once you saw how pretty it was, and how good it felt, you’d do it voluntarily.  Well, you’re going to shave it now, once I’ve spanked you for being so damn lazy!”

“Spanked me?  Yeah, righ–OW!  Hey, cut that out!  Ai!  It’s not funny, you asshole – it hurts!”

“It’s supposed to hurt.  I’m going to spank you until you promise to keep up your duties and not let stubble grow on your pussy again!”

“Fuck y–AIEEE!  No!  Ow!  Stop!  Ow – ow – OW!”

“Will you keep your pussy shaved?”

“Y-aww!-yes, Sir.”

“That’s more like it.  Unfortunately, now I’m too worked up to wait while you shave, so for right now I’m just gonna use a hole that doesn’t have any bristles around it – any objections?”

“No sir….  Ooogh…owww…uhhh…!”

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fast-meat: By now she realized that her sister…


By now she realized that her sister didn’t take her along just for chats….

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udderlyyours:🐄💋 “I didn’t even know Rhea had…



“I didn’t even know Rhea had a boyfriend when I first met her.  If I had, I probably wouldn’t have gotten involved with her.  As it was, by the time I finally met him she had me wrapped around her finger.  I have to admit, I do love older women, although I didn’t think I had any use for older men, or younger ones, either.

“Rhea talked me into my first threesome, which was also my first time with a man since high school.  Less than a month after that came what turned out to be the last time Rhea and I made love, ever.

“I don’t think Rhea is even into women.  I think she just seduces women for her boyfriend’s enjoyment.  These days, the most she does is watch me being fucked by him.  Some nights, Rhea has told me to come over and when I get there she isn’t even there – most likely, she’s out seducing some other dumb dyke to add to Warren’s collection of scalps.  When I arrive, Warren still expects me to serve his pleasure.  And I do.

“I was looking at Rhea’s Tumblr and I found this .gif of me being fucked by Warren in the field behind his house.  I knew she’d been filming, but seeing the .gif, with that nasty lying title above it, my face clearly visible as Warren is taking me, made me feel so low and dirty, I felt like I should just shrivel up and die.

“Then I clicked on the image and forwarded it.”

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