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I do enjoy holding a woman’s head.

She’s here for a STEM workshop … .

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Pink Squad.

Rank them fellas, and tell me what you would do to each of them~💖

The girls in Room 423, aka the Pink Squad..

L-R: Barbara Gale, 34, writer, sponsored by her husband.  When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to give up writing novels that take three years to finish at 60 hours a week of writing and bring in barely $30K a year in average royalties.  From now on, she’s going to write advertising copy 40 hours a week for $175K a year, and also be more “co-operative” in bed.

Simone Gordon, 37, architect, sponsored by her her business partner. 

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to

live with her partner and her partner’s husband as their housekeeper and sex slave, as well as being her partner’s “office bunny”, and doing the parts of design work that her partner finds boring.

Isabel Pasarin, 42, stage lighting designer, sponsored by her boyfriend. 

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to sell the house she grew up in and move in with her boyfriend.  She’s also going to start doing cosplay with him, and stop telling him it’s juvenile and creepy.

Juana Glapion, 31, graphic designer, sponsored by her ex-boyfriend.  

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to already be pregnant by him with IVF triplets.  She will carry them to term and will raise them without asking him for child support, and will allow him parenting time entirely at his discretion.

The Academy for Difficult Girls can make this happen for you

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The four female members of the Board of Lightner Associates jokingly referred to themselves as “the Pink Squad” for years as they jockeyed to advance themselves within the organization, and help other women advance as well.

Later, they felt more like a combat squad indeed as they frantically tried to maintain their place and escape ejection or demotion.

When the New Order arrived and they knew the end had come, they were almost relieved that they would no longer have to fight.


L-R: Cynthia Jellinek, ex-Finance Manager, now PA to the CFO.  Spends at least an hour under his desk each day sucking his cock, although he can usually only manage to climax twice a week.

Xaviera Cullen, ex-Planner, now PA to the Chief Acquisitions Officer.  Walks and dances around his office in lingerie, often rubbing her breasts against his back and arms.

Jennifer Stalwicz, ex-Projects Co-ordinator, now PA to the Chief Synergistics Officer.  

Picks up men after work, films herself having sex with them, and e-mails the videos to the LComO to watch at work the next day.

Pyrl Bauer, ex-liaison to the firm’s legal representatives, now PA to the Chief Legal Communications Officer.  Currently pregnant by him.

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The Tomboy Squad went from high school directly into a business incubator to develop their business plans.  I stepped in and rescued them from their unladylike dreams and ambitions and redirected them toward more gender-appropriate goals.

 The Tomboy Squad have now become the Pink Squad!

L-R: Roberta Wayne, bicycle mechanic, is now Bobbi, makeup artist/salegirl.

JoAnne Saavedra, construction worker, is now Joee, nail artist.

Eve Neill, blacksmith, is now Evie, hair stylist.

Bernadette Jones, roboticist, is now Bonni, masseuse.

Now they’re opening the PinkSquad! spa together, and not only are they supporting one another to make the business succeed, but they’re selling the spa’s services to many of their former classmates, luring them away from the follies of tomboyism toward radically pink! femininity.

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💄💄 “See?  Told you you’d like it if you gave…



“See?  Told you you’d like it if you gave it a try.”

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(cartoon by John Cole)

I think it’s more that they added Kavanaugh’s accusers to the “Lock her up” chant. They still can’t get over Hillary.

It’s simple: they want to lock up any woman who isn’t obedient and submissive.

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Been with my dom for years, he used to be grea…

Been with my dom for years, he used to be great and it was fun to be in a dom/sub relationship but he's changed recently. At first, I ignored it and marked it off as stress but a couple days ago I got really scared. He got extremely angry and started yelling at me, I started to cry and he pushed me back into the wall. He hit me a couple of times and then tried to take off my clothes. I kept saying no and that I wasn't joking, finally he stopped and left the house. I don't feel safe and I'm lost.

My family doesn’t talk to me and I can’t up and move because I go to a university. I no longer feel safe with him but I’m scared to leave. He used to be super nice and caring, I love him so much but now I feel helpless.

You need to run. Get away. There are resources at your disposal you can use, get ahold of abuse hot lines and different domestic violence support groups and get out.

This person is an abuser. You know that at this point. You need to get away.

You can message me directly, I am happy to be a resource. Please, be safe.

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Never underestimate a man.
Not even if he is a fat old Jew with a small limp dick.

Reblog if you agree.

Welcome to the New World.

The tomboy thought she’d show off what an uninhibited free spirit she was by giving a few seconds of head to a random guy.

The random guy insisted that she finish what she started, and when she gave him some static about it, he got a little rough with her and put her in her place.

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Boo Fucken Hoo!!!!
Open Up My Whore!!!

Your tears make my cock throb, now open wide and get ready to feel my cock in your throat.

“Calm down.  You’ll get used to heterosexuality in no time.”

[Note:  Of course I agree, corrective rape is an abomination IRL, a crime against humanity which should be punished very severely.  But it turns me the fuck on.  If rape fantasy disturbs you, I understand completely, and in that case, you should unfollow, or at least add a filter to block posts tagged with #Rape, which I always use for rape fantasy posts.]

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👺we’re done playing games you cheap fucking whore..

Fucked stupid. How many of you filthy cunts NEED this??

All of them.

The reality is some bitches want to put up a fight. They think because of their anger and rage they feel powerful so they strike a man. I have been there myself. Watching them throw a tantrum is all it is. When they lay hands, violence will be met with even uncompromising, brutal, merciless sadistic violence. This is even better when I choke em out to sleep, strip her of her clothes and assfuck dry her till I cum. Then she can wake up tied, gagged and butt hurt like a scene from a horror movie.

No matter what the bitch feels stop that shit cold and let her know that consquences for that type of action will be met in a severely escalated manner. It’s cute when bitches think they are tough. Then they come across the wrong man and break them sometimes physically too. I came close myself to doing that. Knowing anatomy just makes it too easy to dislocate or break limbs.

She was supposed to be the pigeon, but she’d wound up winning more than $2,000 off them in a three-hour game, and there was no way they were going to tolerate that.

So all of them left, except for the guy whose job it had been to play up to her and con her into joining the game in the first place.  He got

her guard down, and then he got her pants down, and then the rest of the guys came back and the romantic seduction turned into a gang rape.

She left bruised and sore and with semen dripping from all three holes, and without a penny in her pockets.  They kept her phone, because they thought she might have taken photos of them with it.

She had.  She’d also already uploaded the photos to her blog, and when she got home, she wrote a nice long text piece to go with them, and forwarded it to everyone on her mailing list, and to the SFPD.

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