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Ruby’s Workout Regime

Artist: jlullaby

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To celebrate her successful thesis defense, sh…

To celebrate her successful thesis defense, she recruited three guys from her munch group to help her re-enact it as a disastrous failure ending with the “committee” scolding her for thinking she was entitled to a doctorate, making her tear up high-quality facsimiles of her degrees, making her dress and make herself up for “a more appropriate line of work” and then brutally “initiating” her into it.

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I was with owner and he had an appointment which I couldn’t attend. So to put me somewhere for awhile, he took me to a bookstore, put me a booth, took my clothes and told me I was to suck every cock that came through the hole. I was to keep track of their length and girth, color, amount of cum, and how long it took to get them off. He was gone for about three hours. I sucked of thirty-seven men. It was very hard to keep track and my incomplete report to owner earned me a spanking and a night in the cage. My jaw was sore for a day after too, but it was better than being shackled and locked in the car..

If I’d given a better report of the cocks, I’d have been given extra time in my office this week, which I really could have used, since I have a paper my editor is really on my case to submit to her.  But such is life, I gave an inferior report of the cocks I sucked, so my office remains locked, and I must instead do housework this afternoon, polishing the already-flawless countertops and scrubbing the already-spotless floors, under the watchful eyes of the surveillance cameras whose footage owner might check at any time.  I have only myself to blame.  My editor told me I really needed to have the paper ready by Friday.  I told her not to worry, it’d be done, “or Daddy will spank me”.  That got a laugh from her.

She has no idea….

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Worlds strongest fighter by day, glory whore by night. Momoyo Kawakami at her best, commissioned by


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My thanks to @dumbsuckdoll for providing this link to an image of a tough ol’ tomboy who has a secret hobby on the other side of a glory hole….  Yum.

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How the Girl Scouts Made Me a Better Submissive Feminist

I grew up with the Girl Scouts. I became a member when I was seven, and I eventually got a Lifetime membership. I rose through the ranks and was first employed for the Girl Scouts of Connecticut when I was sixteen. I worked with them for six years and learned so much about myself in the process. Looking back, a lot of basic properties of scouting can be found in different areas of kink. The following is my account of how the Girl Scouts made me a better kinkster.


I loved earning badges, and I earned more than I can even describe throughout the years. The way it works is, there is a book of badges with set criteria on how to earn each one. It makes you extremely goal-oriented, as anything you do can contribute to some kind of badge-work. This ingrained rules and tasks into me, and I crave that in every D/s I am in as an adult. Doing tasks is something that not every submissive enjoys, but for me, tasks are a form of structure to my relationship(s) and the sense of accomplishment I get from completing them makes me feel like a kid getting my merit badges all over again.

They even have BDSM merit badges, as pictured above–no, not the Girl Scouts. [Image Source]


If the Girl Scouts does anything for you, it strives to make you a more-empowered woman. It often recognizes that women are oppressed in our patriarchal society, and it really works hard to give women an edge in the real world. Girls Scouts teaches strength and resourcefulness, and for some of us, we really take that shit to heart. 

Being a good submissive, to me, is having a good understanding of self-worth. This blog is dedicated to the dualities that are feminism and submission, and I think the core beliefs of my empowerment come from the Girl Scouts. They teach you to be a better woman, to have confidence–and what greater pleasure is there than having a submissive partner who is confident in their abilities to be the very best?


The Girl Scouts is an extremely diverse group of people. While the majority of members are cis-women, men can also be adult members. In addition, trans* members are fully accepted into the community. The first trans* friend I ever had was a counselor at the camp I work at, and the first trans* person I ever met was one of our trainers from the home office of the organization. In addition to gender diversity, there was also a huge diversity in race, class, and abilities/disabilities. The cool thing about Girl Scouts is that they give away government grants so kids who can’t normally afford camp can have these empowering experiences. When I was a Unit Leader up at camp, I cared for more kids in the system than not. Many of them were kids living in poverty, living with disabilities, or foster children with parents in jail or who had abandoned them. I cared for blind girls, deaf girls, girls in wheelchairs, and girls with severe mental disorder. The cool thing is, though, that none of the kids really noticed. They were all equals while they were there and they became close, sometimes lifetime, friends. 

In addition to race, class, and gender, there is also a huge diversity of sexual minorities in the Girl Scouts. Growing up, the vast majority of counselors at camp were bisexual or lesbian. I learned about lesbians at camp and I met my first two girlfriends at camp. It was the first aspect of my life that accepted me as a queer person. When I was too scared to tell my friends and family, I knew I could be free to hold my girlfriend’s hand at camp without being judged. This really taught me about acceptance and an openness to diversity from a young age, and looking back on it now, I’m so thankful I have those experiences that let me be open to my diverse partners, as an adult.


I recently joked around with my partner that Scouts make the best Dominants because they learn all the cool knots for bondage at an early age. It’s true! My first experience with bondage happened when I was working at camp. Our “Camp Craft Specialist” was trying out some knots before he taught the girls and instructed me to put my hands up. I did, and he slipped a rope with two holes around my hands. Imagine my surprise when he pulled each end and dropped me to my knees, holding my hands up in a handcuff knot. I was shocked, to say the least, but I made him teach me how to do that right away.

The partner I engage in water bondage with in the summers is an Eagle Scout. He’s the highly devoted one who asks for rope for his birthday and his partner buy it without giving it a second thought. But surely enough, when they leave, he has me hogged-tied in his pool, dragging me around in the water in the name of “practice.”

The Great Outdoors

Being a Scout means having to put down the XBOX controller, suck it up, and go outside. On the bright side, most of us love the outdoors. I spent the majority of my life exploring camp–hiking through the woods, geocaching, and finding the best areas for privacy. I grew a tolerance for mud, bugs, and bats. Not being afraid of the great outdoors means opening a world of possibilities for play. You can take me to a remote location and tie me to a tree and beat the ever-living shit out of me and I’ll love it. I won’t complain about the moss touching my leg or the mosquitoes being biting me (I’m mostly immune to them, anyhow), I’ll just enjoy it for what it is. We make better partners for public play and exhibition because the woods simply aren’t scary to us. Sex is just plain fun out in the wilderness, don’t you think?

First Aid

First aid is essential when you work with kids. The Girl Scouts of Connecticut paid for my training with the American Red Cross to get certified in first aid, AED, and CPR. It’s also one of the basic badges you earn as a kid. There’s always a huge focus on safety whenever you do anything with Scouting. This makes us really good at aftercare. Whether it’s a physical injury from a scene (abrasions, cuts, or accidental sprains, etc) or the need for emotional support, the Scouts have it covered. We’re trained not only in physical problems but also how to deal with a frightened child. We’re taught how to calm people down after trauma and how to help them get the best care for their physical injuries. We’re just really good at aftercare, and we’ll always ready for it. It wouldn’t surprise me if former Scouts who are now into BDSM have their own kits for aftercare. Being prepared is the Boy Scout motto, after all!

xx SF


Very impressive.

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Serves Ruth right 🙂 – we have no cause to be ambitious other than serving Men in the ways They want…

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From Chrystal Heights:

“When your bratty sister sends you a sex toy for your birthday, make sure it’s not a Chrystal Heights Rabbit Surprise, with a hidden semen-injection system built into it. Grrrrrrrrr!”

[And she still hasn’t told her sister whose semen it was, either….]

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Nikki Benz.  She had taken the lucrative contract to be a motor mechanic at an isolated waystation on a well-used trucking corridor, servicing the trucks of a particular trucking company.  She understood it was a lonely job, and she would be stuck there for a six month contract, but the money was good.  She wasn’t sure why they had asked for a photo of her in a swimsuit, but she knew she looked good in one and she wasn’t afraid of taking a competitive edge.

It wasn’t until the day of her deployment that she realised something was amiss.  She was driven out to the waystation by the company’s receptionist.  She had expected a garage and repair facilities but there was nothing but a crude shack.  She turned to ask what was going on, only to find the receptionist firing an injection gun into her left breast..

“There’s a GPS chip in your tit,” the receptionist said.  “If you travel more than 200 metres from the shack in the next six months, you will void your contract and be obliged to pay the company exhorbitant damages.  The contract also gives us permission to use reasonable force to return you to your station and compel you to stay there.  In addition, the chip will deliver electric shocks to your breast while you are not close enough to the shack.  Try to have fun.”

Nikki tried to protest, to ask questions, but the receptionist pushed her out of the car, and drove off, leaving Nikki stranded, without (she now realised) any car, wallet, identification, or phone.

The first truck came along a few hours later, and stopped.  Nikki greeted the large, burly driver uncertainly.  “Do you… need your truck serviced?” she asked.

The driver laughed.  “New girl, I see.  I think you’ve got bigger tits than the last one.  Don’t worry, bitch, it’s not my truck that you’re paid to service.”  He advanced on the horrified girl, and soon she was pressed up agains the shack as he ripped her clothes off her.  She moaned as she was forced to her knees and forced to suck his cock, and then wailed as he pulled out of her mouth, turned her around, and began to rape her pussy, until finally he ejaculated inside her.

He took her clothes with her, leaving her naked except for her boots and hat.  She tried to run from the hut after that, but she began receiving painful warning shocks to her tits after less than 150 metres, and was forced to return.  The next truck pulled up shortly after that, and that driver raped her too, and she understood that her role in life now was to be unwilling sexual entertainment for long haul drivers, at all hours, for the next six months.

She soon learned that she needed to please the drivers to get by.  There was no food in the shack; she was dependent on what the drivers fed her.  Some would give bring her meals from the last diner down the road if she was good and sucked and fucked eagerly and agreed with them that she was a stupid bimbo whore.  Others would offer her nothing but their semen, or dog food in a bowl. 

She needed blankets for the cold nights, too, and here the truckers would play a game with her.  The first truck passing in the morning would take away her blankets from the night before, and leave her a present.  It might be slutty lingerie, or a dog-tail butt plug, or nipple clamps, or a thick dildo.  If all the truckers who passed during the day saw her using or wearing the toy like a good girl, she would get warm blankets that night.  Otherwise she would shiver through the darkness, regretting bitterly that she had not been more obedient.

No one used her name, for they did not know, and did not ask, and in time she grew used to being called “bitch” and her old name began to seem strange to her.  She noticed that her pussy had begun wettening automatically at the sound of an approaching truck, and that she walked less and cralwed like a dog more.  Her showers came from water-tanker drivers turning a pressured hose on her from time time, and she learned how to make herself look pretty and fuckable even under such conditions, so as to please the men her life now revolved around.

Six months came and went, and no one came to take her home.  But that was all right, for in any case she couldn’t imagine that the fuckpig she had become had any business living in a normal house and making choices for herself…

The double-meaning of “service station” reminded me of Robert A. Heinlein’s classic story “…All You Zombies” [and if you haven’t read it, you should – it’s about time travel, not zombies: ]

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💫🌸pink like your fingers in my, maybe🌸💫

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Amanda: Fuck… I know this is wrong, but I had to feel you inside me after you told me how you raped my girlfriend.

If I bring her in here, do you think you can do it again in front of me?

~Kik Domstoryteller

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