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First time it was just a handjob, then a blowjob and then one day I noticed that my mouth had become a cum sewer for him and that I was swallowing a handful of loads every day

Ella le iba a decir que se callara pero al final fue ella quien se terminó callando y cediendo. 


and that I was swallowing a handful of loads every day.  But it was about three months after that first time, the first time that I had an orgasm while I was deep-throating his cock, that I began to question whether this was really just a favor I was doing for an old friend on account of his crippling social anxiety issues, or if I maybe needed to reassess my self-identification as an exclusive lesbian.”

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Big League Changes Part I : Nicole Smith, Pro-…

didn’t write this story, its by an author called James J. Craft who
unfortunately made the decision to delete his work from the internet,
its one of my favourite stories so I’ve decided to publish it, it
deals in mind control and race change so it probably isn’t everyones
cup of tea. I plan on uploading other stories that have had a big
impact on my work over the next month. Please enjoy.

in the Majors

Dawson had a problem. He sat at his desk puffing away on a Cuban
cigar, weighing his options. If only she wasn’t so good, it would
be easier then. But the girl had talent, a lot of talent, and she
wanted to play in the pro’s, specifically for Len’s pro team. He
leaned back in his leather office chair, looking at the World Series
pennants his team had collected over the years. Talk about a rock and
hard place, he thought to himself. If she played, it would open the
floodgates to mediocre female players who wrongfully thought they too
could play in the big leagues. It would turn his team into the
“flavor-of-month”, flooding the stadium curious onlookers, who
would only attend to catch a glimpse of the “first girl in
baseball”. Filling the stands with band-wagon jumpers would only
serve to irritate his loyal hard-core fan base, meaning that after
the novelty of the girl wore off, he’d be left with a half empty
stadium. Not to mention the cultural and emotional impact on the team
itself. No, this was going to be bad all around. Especially when you
looked at the alternative.

he didn’t let her play, he would have every feminist in the country
parading around telling everyone what a sexist pig he was, how
discriminatory the game was. Wives across the country would be upset,
and start to clamp down on their husbands, attendance would drop…it
would be like the strike all over again. Not to mention the lawsuit.
Surely she would sue him, and likely she would win. The court costs
alone would be in the millions. He sighed, letting a cloud of sweet
tobacco smoke escape his lips. There had to be a way out.

leaned forward and spun his Rolodex around. He let it stop on his New
York contact. They could make anyone “disappear” for the right
price. But no, he thought to himself, having her “off’d” would
be too suspicious. Besides the mafia just wasn’t the same these
days. Twenty years ago, he wouldn’t have hesitated, but now there
were too many wise guys running around thinking that they were Tony

kept flipping, stopping at his Russian contacts. The Russian Mob
today, was like the New York crime families of yesterday, only worse.
They showed no mercy and would do just about anything that needed to
be done. He could have the girl working as a drug-addicted prostitute
in Moscow within weeks. However, that ruthlessness could come back to
bite him in the ass. Who’s to say they wouldn’t try to blackmail
him into paying more, in order to keep his dirty little secret
buried. Len sighed again and let the Rolodex spin further on.
particular contact caught his attention. A Japanese consortium. Rumor
has it they can make problematic girls vanish. Using surgery and
brain washing, they turn unwanted American troublemakers into
cock-sucking Asian bimbos. He recalled the banter with his golf
buddies of a record executive who was behind the eight-ball, having
just signed a talented young Arvil Lavgine wannabe mere days before
the real thing released her first single. Knowing full well there
wasn’t room for two queens of angst-infused teen rock, he sold the
contract to the OTTIII Corporation, who are in the process of
remaking the girl into an empty-headed sex-crazed Japanese Pop Tart.
All without her knowledge, or more importantly…her consent.
was also the tale of the young lawyer, on her way to the top of the
firm. When suddenly, one her male co-workers, who also was on his way
up, saw to it that she be transferred to work as OTTIII’s legal
counsel in Japan. She was last seen cheering on OTTIII’s racing
team, with a dick in each of her three holes, loving every minute of

smile formed on the millionaire’s lips. He had found his

to the Team

Smith was determined to play in the pro’s. She had already played
in the top women’s leagues in North America, but it wasn’t
enough. She wanted the brass ring…the MLB. Nothing else would do.
Her agent had done well, getting her a chance to join the roster of
one of the winningest teams in the majors. She knew she was good
enough to play, and once they saw her pitch, catch and bat…any
doubts would put aside. When her agent called that fateful afternoon,
she expected great news. She would be slightly

we’ve got a slight change of plan”, her agent began. Nicole
slumped down in seat, her mind already anticipating how she would
lash out if they didn’t give her a contract. 
Fire-balls have given you a contract…but,” he paused.
perked back up in her chair, “But what Chad?”.

Evans had been in the game long enough to know what was going down.
He carefully chose his words so as to make it sound better than it
was. “You have a contract with them, but they want you to start out
with their farm team…”, his voice trailed off.

team? That’s great news Chad. I can handle that. Where is the farm
team? Rochester? Spokane? Fort Myers?” the excitement in her voice
was growing.

no Nicki, its in…um, Kobe.”

paused. “where?”

repeated himself, “Kobe…Japan”

town girl in the big city

a small-town girl from the American Mid-West, arriving in Japan was
more like arriving on a different planet then arriving in another
country. Clutching her carryon she felt like an ant in an anthill as
she negotiated her way to OTTII courtesy desk where she had been told
to go. Apparently this OTTII company was some big Japanese
conglomerate that owned the Fire-Ball’s farm team. She remembered
the mixed feelings she has had, when her agent told her that she was
going to be playing here, the disbelief that she would be so far away
from the U.S. But she was here, now, and on her way to playing for
the OTTII Proton All Star baseball team (quite the mouthful). She had
no idea what lay ahead for her, but what options did she have? Stay
in the U.S. and try to get some other team to look at her? It could
take months, years even. She didn’t have that kind of time. No,
this really was her best shot. If she could impress the hell out of
this team, they’d have choice but to send her up to the big
league…and back to the U.S.

large silver and blue logo indicated where the OTTII desk was. As she
approached the girl behind the counter began to smile

she said, “Nikko Smut?”

nodded, figuring the girl’s thick accent had changed Nicole Smith
into Nikko Smut. 

I’m Nicole…I’m supposed to meet someone here about the ba..”
The girl interrupted her, 

cum for team?”

yeah…I guess.” Nicole replied, vaguely certain of what the girl
was asking.

Smith…we have been waiting for your arrival.” Nicole spun around
to see a short mustached Japanese man in a three-piece suit with an
OTTII logo embroidered on the chest. 

name is Mr. Fujiama, but you may call me Fuji…please, this

still unsure of what she should do, decided that it would be best to
follow. He did, after all, speak almost perfect English.

she was seated opposite Mr. Fuji in a long black limousine, racing
through the crowded city streets on her way to the OTTII sports
complex. Chad had told her that the company’s recreation center was
as big as a small city, offering sports and fitness programs to
OTTII’s thousands of employees. It was also home to the OTTII sport
dome, where the Proton All Stars played. And as Mr. Fuji explained on
the car ride there, would also serve as her home while in Japan.

have found it most beneficial to immerse our team members in a
complete preparation regime. This is best achieved by having all team
members under one roof” He stopped, turning to the window as the
OTTII dome passed by, “A very big roof at that”. Nicole leaned
forward to catch a glimpse of the enormous complex, but her view of
the outside was abruptly cut off. We must be in a tunnel or
something, she thought.

later the car stopped and the door was opened. Mr. Fuji motioned for
Nicole to exit, and she found herself standing in a cavernous
concrete corridor, still clinging to her carryon. Mr. Fuji spoke
quietly to the car driver, who approached her with his hand open.
“You may give your carryon luggage to the driver Ms. Smith. He will
ensure that it is sent with your other luggage to the appropriate
place”, Mr. Fuji smiled.

intimidated by the large chauffer, Nicole cautiously relinquished the
bag. Suddenly the corridor was filled with the sounds of cheering. We
must be near the dome, she thought. Mr. Fuji reaffirmed her
suspicions, “Come Ms Smith, the game is in progress. I am sure you
will be delighted to see how we do things here in Japan.” Nicole’s
eyes lit up. She hadn’t played or watched baseball in…she glanced
at her watch, 47 hours…a lengthy period of time for an athlete of
her caliber.

followed Mr. Fuji to an elevator, and after ascending what seemed to
be a mile, the doors opened. Two large men in dark suits greeted
them. Mr. Fuji spoke quickly in Japanese and the two men parted from
the doorway, but not before they eyed Nicole over, commenting briefly
with each other in their native language.

must be a private box, she thought to herself as she scanned her
plush surroundings. There was a large bar, tables, sofas monitors
covering the game on the field everywhere. At the front of the room
were rows of plush stadium seats, all empty but for one head, which
was seated in the center of the front row. Nicole and Mr. Fuji
approached slowly; Nicole was more focused on the goings on outside
the box. The stadium was huge; perhaps the largest she had ever seen,
and packed to the rafters with fans. The scoreboard indicated that
the home team had the bases loaded with two outs, two strikes and two
balls. As they moved closer to the front of the box, something moved
in the corner of Nicole’s eye.

was another person in the box. She turned her eyes to see a young
looking girl, rising up from a kneeling position in front of the
seated man. She was dressed in a very short metallic blue pleated
skirt, with an equally brief metallic bikini top, and thigh-high
white PVC boots with incredibly stacked platform heels. Her makeup
was gaudy, overdone in matching blue and silver colors…OTTIII
colors. Her hair, in two high pigtails, was platinum blonde with
streaks of silver and blue. Nicole had a hard time figuring if she
was Japanese or not. She was slim, but curvy, with super-sized
breasts, wide hips and a heart shaped bubble-butt. Apparently it was
colder in here than I thought, Nicole said to herself. The girl’s
nipples appeared rock hard and extremely prominent. Her lips were
huge, made even larger glossy silvery pink lipstick. It was her eyes
that baffled Nicole the most. They were too large to be American, but
not slanted enough to be Japanese. She looked almost like that
cartoon…what was her name again? Nicole tried to remember.

Fuji spoke sternly to the girl in Japanese, Nicole wasn’t sure, but
gleaned from the sentence that the girl’s name might be Riki. She
licked her swollen lips and looked down at the floor, bowing to the
seated man who was adjusting his belt as he wiggled in his seat, then
to Mr. Fuji. She then left them, avoiding eye contact with Nicole as
she scurried past in her impossible heels.

Smith?” Mr. Fuji broke Nicole’s train of thought, “I would like
you meet Mr. Seiji Herakini, the president of OTTII Industries
Corporation”. The man stood and gingerly shook Nicole’s hand.
“Ah, Ms. Smith…”, Seiji began.

call me Nicole,” she blurted out.

Fuji rolled his eyes and looked away. Seiji frowned at first, then
smiled again, “it is customary in Japan that a man treat young
woman as yourself with….”, he glanced at Mr. Fuji for a second,
“with respect. As I am sure that you would show to me and my
blushed, realizing that she may have offended the man who owned the
team that was her only shot at playing pro-league ball. “Sorry Mr.
Hera…”. She struggled to pronounce the man’s

seemed impressed by her effort to correct herself. “Very good
Nikko. Now sit, the seventh inning stretch is about to begin.” With
that he sat back in his seat and turned his eyes towards the field.
Mr. Fuji occupied the seat next her, forcing Nicole to sit between to
the two men. She fought the urge to correct her new employer,
repeating Its Nicole, not Nikko over and over inside her head.

on the field, the players were disappearing to their dressing rooms
as the dome lights began to dim. A deep voice spoke in rapid Japanese
to the crowd, who began to applaud louder and louder. Nicole spotted
movement on the field. Equipment was being wheeled to the center of
the diamond. It looked like a large stage was being assembled.
Thumping techno music began to play throughout the stadium. After a
few minutes bright lights shown on the field. There was a stage with
huge neon letters that flickered to life around the bottom, as
someone was raised up through the floor. It was a girl. She had
super-tight blonde ringlets and was dressed in a bizarre fetish-style
school girl’s uniform. The stage began to rotate as three more
girls in equally skimpy but more adult-looking clothes joined the
girl already on stage. As the stage slowly spun around Nicole noticed
that the pink neon spelled “YUMMY” in bold pink letters. It
seemed odd, but she had seen intermittent English words and phrases
randomly placed everywhere since she had arrived.

girl spoke to the crowd in broken English. Her voice was a
high-pitched cartoonish chirp that seemed to fit her bizarre
appearance. “Hay-ro base-barr fan!” she giggled, “Me Yummy
Yamaguchi. Me sing fol you?” Nicole wasn’t sure if she was asking
a question or making a statement.

began to sing in mixed English and Japanese lyrics. She giggled and
frolicked on stage with the three other dancers, occasionally kissing
them full on the mouth and flipping up her skirt to expose her
g-string covered ass to thunderous cheers from the crowd. The whole
concert was total culture shock for Nicole who had never experienced
such a performance…especially at a baseball game. For her, the
fifteen-minute concert seemed like an hour. She couldn’t believe
that they would interrupt the game…her game…her passion. It was
like watching a stripper at church. She tried to contain her disgust,
breathing a sigh of relief as the tiny empty-headed singer and her
entourage left the stage.

a few minutes the lights would some back on and the players would
return to the field. In a few minutes Nicole would relax and watch
the last two innings with the team owner and his associate. In few
days she be playing pro-ball with the Fire Balls’ farm team and all
would be well.
Be Continued…

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kinatropin: “What’s wrong?” That guy just gav…


“What’s wrong?”

That guy just gave me this box of chocolates for valentines day.


So… I’m a dude! I don’t want to go out with him!

“Then why are you blushing so much?”


#What’s wrong?”

That guy just gave me a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, and inside was a gift certificate to l’Ingenue, that fancy lingerie shop.


So…I’m a tomboy!  I’m not the kind of woman who buys frilly lingerie and eats chocolate that a man buys for me!

“Then why are you blushing so much?”

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Poor lonely Sylvia, left at home while her girlfriend Marta spends Christmas with the man who harasses and abuses Sylvia at work.

You don’t have to be lonely, Sylvia.  You could go along with Marta to Kevin’s place, as long as you were willing to do all the things Marta does for Kevin.

You could also have a much more harmonious relationship with Kevin at work, too.  All you’d need to do is stop making a fuss about Kevin’s sexist and racist jokes, and dress in a more feminine way, and of course smile more often.  It’s not as though Kevin hasn’t explained it to you.

Oh, well, Sylvia.  Your choice.

Merry Christmas, sad lonely dyke … .

[OOC: If you are alone for the holidays IRL, you are not alone:]

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picmanbdsm:I do enjoy holding a woman’s head. …


I do enjoy holding a woman’s head.

She’s here for a STEM workshop … .

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#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Bully  #Pink Panti…

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Bully  #Pink Panties  #Pink Bow  #Spanking  #Spank Me

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #BJ  #Blowjob  #Les…

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #BJ  #Blowjob  #Lesbian  #Unexpected Heterosexuality  #Kitchen






Pink Squad.

Rank them fellas, and tell me what you would do to each of them~💖

The girls in Room 423, aka the Pink Squad..

L-R: Barbara Gale, 34, writer, sponsored by her husband.  When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to give up writing novels that take three years to finish at 60 hours a week of writing and bring in barely $30K a year in average royalties.  From now on, she’s going to write advertising copy 40 hours a week for $175K a year, and also be more “co-operative” in bed.

Simone Gordon, 37, architect, sponsored by her her business partner. 

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to

live with her partner and her partner’s husband as their housekeeper and sex slave, as well as being her partner’s “office bunny”, and doing the parts of design work that her partner finds boring.

Isabel Pasarin, 42, stage lighting designer, sponsored by her boyfriend. 

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to sell the house she grew up in and move in with her boyfriend.  She’s also going to start doing cosplay with him, and stop telling him it’s juvenile and creepy.

Juana Glapion, 31, graphic designer, sponsored by her ex-boyfriend.  

When she leaves the Academy, she’s going to already be pregnant by him with IVF triplets.  She will carry them to term and will raise them without asking him for child support, and will allow him parenting time entirely at his discretion.

The Academy for Difficult Girls can make this happen for you

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The four female members of the Board of Lightner Associates jokingly referred to themselves as “the Pink Squad” for years as they jockeyed to advance themselves within the organization, and help other women advance as well.

Later, they felt more like a combat squad indeed as they frantically tried to maintain their place and escape ejection or demotion.

When the New Order arrived and they knew the end had come, they were almost relieved that they would no longer have to fight.


L-R: Cynthia Jellinek, ex-Finance Manager, now PA to the CFO.  Spends at least an hour under his desk each day sucking his cock, although he can usually only manage to climax twice a week.

Xaviera Cullen, ex-Planner, now PA to the Chief Acquisitions Officer.  Walks and dances around his office in lingerie, often rubbing her breasts against his back and arms.

Jennifer Stalwicz, ex-Projects Co-ordinator, now PA to the Chief Synergistics Officer.  

Picks up men after work, films herself having sex with them, and e-mails the videos to the LComO to watch at work the next day.

Pyrl Bauer, ex-liaison to the firm’s legal representatives, now PA to the Chief Legal Communications Officer.  Currently pregnant by him.

#Exec2Sec  #Demotion Fetish  #Misogyny Fetish  #Pink Squad  #What They Used To Do  #What They Do Now  #Sexual Harassment  #PG  #Pregnancy

The Tomboy Squad went from high school directly into a business incubator to develop their business plans.  I stepped in and rescued them from their unladylike dreams and ambitions and redirected them toward more gender-appropriate goals.

 The Tomboy Squad have now become the Pink Squad!

L-R: Roberta Wayne, bicycle mechanic, is now Bobbi, makeup artist/salegirl.

JoAnne Saavedra, construction worker, is now Joee, nail artist.

Eve Neill, blacksmith, is now Evie, hair stylist.

Bernadette Jones, roboticist, is now Bonni, masseuse.

Now they’re opening the PinkSquad! spa together, and not only are they supporting one another to make the business succeed, but they’re selling the spa’s services to many of their former classmates, luring them away from the follies of tomboyism toward radically pink! femininity.

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💄💄 “See?  Told you you’d like it if you gave…



“See?  Told you you’d like it if you gave it a try.”

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greengypsylady: cartoonpolitics: (cartoon by J…



(cartoon by John Cole)

I think it’s more that they added Kavanaugh’s accusers to the “Lock her up” chant. They still can’t get over Hillary.

It’s simple: they want to lock up any woman who isn’t obedient and submissive.

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Politics  #Lock Her Up  #Misogyny