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Old Order: Shannon was a Greenpeace lawyer.

New Order: Shally is a BP comfort girl, circulating among the various drilling platforms around the coasts of North America, wearing a variety of sexy outfits, all of which flaunt at least one of the many tattoos she wears of the BP logo.

The New Order’s oil leases are important to BP, since so few countries will tolerate oil drilling any longer, especially with the lax safety regulations of the New Order.

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Adding insult to injury, everything she wears is either latex or plastic, and is all
bought with her own money. Even her most basic habits are fueled by oil

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pixiethepervertedfairy:Ok @taming-a-tomboy it …


Ok @taming-a-tomboy it might be a bit off but that belt you showed has elements of the trans flag see baby blue. Pink . white. Pink and baby blue at the bottom

[OOC: I love seeing the trans flag in so many different forms on clothing and books and cars.  Trans people having visibility can make a world of difference for themselves and for the culture they live in.]

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engagement rings ranked by their ability to br…









a pretty standard arrangement for engagement rings. a raised stone is better than nothing. 3/10

a lovely, simple, elegant wedding band. a classic anybody would be pleased to get married with. useless in a fight. 0/10

huge. tacky. kinda pretty tho. but look at that raised diamond in the center. you could easily break someone’s tooth with this. 7/10

also huge and tacky. at first glance you’d think the rounded edge might not cause much damage but look at how those rows of diamonds are raised in the second view. you could really rip up someone’s face. 9/10

this one is almost elegant. no sharp edges, but it’s solidly built. you would cause more damage with the ring on than off, which is a solid basis for choosing an engagement ring. 5/10

a lovely design, i enjoy open filigree. however im not sure how said filigree would stand up to the impact of being slammed into someone’s face. 2/10

the twisting design is pretty, but im not entirely sure that socking someone in the jaw wouldnt break off those stones. it looks somewhat reinforced but do you really want to leave the Punching Power of  your engagement ring up to chance? i wouldnt. two raised stones tho. 6/10, pending experimentation

HAHAHAHA holy shit. thats Five raised stones, with reinforced prongs, for maximum damage at any angle. i highly recommend this ring both for its sapphire centerpiece and its capacity for causing pain. 10/10

there’s not even a stone, its just gold which aint exactly the hardest metal in the world. just fucking stay home if you’re not going to take this seriously.

*jeweler voice*

That filigree you gave 2/10? much sturdier than the filigree tacky rings… Trust me. Those are super hollow and light on the settings so that they aren’t too heavy or expensive. (and so they don’t roll on your finger)

Also worth noting:

White gold = sturdier than yellow gold (which is why most prongs are in white)

Now, if you want a ring that’ll hold up to socking someone in the nose, may I suggest 10kt white gold (hardest of gold options, sturdier than silver, and more reasonable than platinum)

See how thick all that metal is? It’s not going to cave in on you.

And you can do this with it:

Because nothing says punching a nazi in the nose like a diamond/sapphire/ruby encrusted Captain America ring…

read this again but imagine its Peggy Carter picking her engagement ring

yes. good.

@imfemalewarrior here’s the diamond rings post!!

These are highly amusing critiques of engagement rings but may I also suggest this: 

I don’t know much about jewelry so I’ll let the experts critique my proposal. 


@femalewarrior Why not being proposed to with an opulent but functional sword?

Yes, but is it legal to carry it with me everywhere? 


I’m going to post this to @taming-a-tomboy, so that it’s the internal monologue of the supposedly-tamed tomboy assessing the proffered rings for their tactical potential, with the supposed tamer clueless to what she’s thinking.

A Captain America ring…wow….

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minski-hermit-of-the-apennines: doctorpsycho19…




Bon voyage babe

Ironic that this should be marked “NSFWFORSURE”, when the former pilot is, of course, at her work station, as a “Screwardess” for Overland Airways, serving a First Class passenger in the manner men have become accustomed under the New Order.

#Exec2Sec  #Demotion Fetish  #Misogyny Fetish  #Demoted Pilot  #Flight Attendant  #Stewardess  #Screwardess  #Fly Me  #Choosy Perverts Choose GIF

Welcome on board of flight 69 of slut airways. Passengers of the business class will be taken to their seats by their personal flight sluttendant. Passengers of economy class can press the button overhead for a service slut. Please be aware that the number of economy flight sluttendants is limited, but there are enough to service every passenger until our estimated time of arrival at least once.

They don’t get much more “tomboy” than Major Carla Fenn, USAF.  With two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, there was literally nowhere for her to go except UP – as an astronaut pilot in her friend Harold Giordano’s BeaconSpace private space venture.

Unfortunately, the job Harold actually had in mind for Carla was as his company’s Miss Friendlyskies, persuading potential investors to open their wallets for him, and one of his other fellow vets (formerly with an Intelligence unit) had some nifty “nonviolent techniques of persuasion” to persuade Carla to agree.

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defeatedliberal: barb-sub: baathsheba: If mor…




If more men where honest about their zero tolerance policy on feminism, women would eventually get it. Stop complaining. Be flattered and suck his cock. Don’t be a frigid bitch when men offer you sexual attention.

after today, i expect this to be more common. It’s a good thing …

Oh, it’s definitely going to be more common now. The #MeToo movement is weakening by the day and protections for women have already been rolled back multiple times. Once Republicans get full power, expect even more protections to disappear. Girls are just gonna have to learn to take it and be quiet once again.

The only way to avoid that would be for tomboys and other women who think for themselves (and men who actually like women who think for themselves, as opposed to men who only like compliant women) to push back against it – and how likely is that?

If there were a sudden surge of people visiting to find out if they are still registered to vote, for instance, and a sudden increase in the number of people showing up to vote on the 6th of November to vote for pro-woman candidates, that might be a sign that the misogynists aren’t going to have things entirely their way.

Is that happening?  Is it going to happen?

Have you been to yourself?  Have you sent a message to your friends suggesting that they should?

Are you planning to vote on the 6th?  Have you sent a message to your friends reminding them of the date?

Are you a tomboy, or are you tamed?

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I always loved this one @doctorpsycho1960 drugged, stoned outta her mind maybe Laura is getting fucked by a monster, or she’s haulesnating it. It’s all perspective

I can see it going either way, @pixiethepervertedfairy.  Lara accidentally eats a mushroom or even touches it with her bare hand, and the hallucinogens go to work, creating this hallucination.

Perhaps she is aware that she is hallucinating because of a mushroom, and her mind is creating this image of a giant mushroom monster to symbolize how the mushroom is “fucking her up”.

This might also be how Lara’s mind is perceiving her being raped by a hired guide while she is under the influence of mushrooms he fed to her.

Then again, maybe she’s not hallucinating at all, and that’s an extraterrestrial creature that wants to fuck her, and happens to look like a mushroom.  Shit happens….

We should always keep in mind that when you see a mushroom sprouting from the ground, there is, as the saying goes, a fungus among us.  There is a large mass of fungal tissue under the ground, pushing up that mushroom.  The mushroom itself is only the sex organ.  So if you see a mushroom that can walk around and act on its own volition, with a mind of its own, you know it really does have only one thing on its mind.

This pic doesn’t quite look like it should be added to my collection of Lara Croft

                                        GAME OVER

images (Lara looks like she still has some fight left in her), although it might be followed by an image of Lara walking with a swollen belly or reclining helplessly with mushrooms sprouting from her body.

#TF  #Transformation  #Interspecies Romance  #Rape  #Lara Croft  #Monster  #Mushroom  #Mushroom Monster  #Hallucination(?)  #Hallucinogenic Mushrooms  #Shrooms Will Fuck You Up

Rememer in rotr she does have a long extended er “molly” scene seeing her dad lord croft in the barrow of the witch (part of the season pass) when i got the digital version of rise of the tomb raider for xb1

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actay:少林ボンズさんのツイート: “#dbd ラクガキ:メグは腹筋割れてそうなイメージ…


少林ボンズさんのツイート: “#dbd ラクガキ:メグは腹筋割れてそうなイメージ(R18)… ”

“Okay, you won this round, too, but I’m still not giving up my hat, you asshole.”

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Rock Climbing  #Strip Rock Climbing  #Lost a Bet  #Lucky Hat  #Pink Shirt  #Hentai  #That Belt Looks Like It Might Be A Trans Or Intersex Pride Emblem  #Is This Tomboy Trans or Intersex?  #If The Tomboy Loses The Next Round, Will She Say, “Okay, You Won My Belt, But I’m Still Not Giving Up My Hat, You Asshole”?  #If  The Tomboy Loses The Round After That, Will She Say, “Okay, You Won My Hat, But I’m Still Not Giving Up My Asshole”?

Some tomboys are tamed more harshly than other…

Some tomboys are tamed more harshly than others….

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yournaturalstate: “Tell me again why you’re a…


“Tell me again why you’re a feminist.”

“Because I believe in equal rights. I believe that anything men can do girls…I mean women…can do equally. I mean… they can do it just as well as men. I’m a feminist because I want to be on my knees…I mean because I don’t want to live on my knees. I’m a feminist because I want to earn the same amount for less work. I want to make less for the same work. Wait, I mean I want equal pay for…less work and the same amount…I’m sorry…I lost my train of thought. I’m a feminist because it feels so good to be a feminist…I feel really good right now, so that must be why. Right? It’s because I’m such a good … feminist.

Sorry, what was I saying?”

“Go on.”

“I’m a feminist because … I’m the same as you. Well not exactly the same, you’re smarter and you’re stronger… you’re always right about everything. But I’m the same in other ways. I can’t remember what those…ways are right now. But I know there must be some ways we’re equal. Otherwise I wouldn’t say I’m such a big feminist. Which I am. I just can’t remember because…it’s hard to think because…”

“Go on.”

Right! Sorry I drifted away. I am a feminist because feminists can do whatever they want. They can work in any way they want. They can be anything. I could even…suck your cock. Right now. And no one could stop me. I could kneel…down…and just…take it all the way into my…throat. Because I’m such a huge feminist. That’s so feminist. Isn’t it? To give you a blowjob. Right now…isn’t it…so…


”Are you finished?”

”…I remember when I didn’t want to suck it, because I was so feminist. But now I see…that it’s…that I…”

“You can stop talking now.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t have to think anymore.”

“Thank you.”

“You can suck my cock now.”

“Thank you.“

“What were you saying about being a feminist?”


It is the natural fate of a cow in a dairy farm to be bred and milked over and over, regardless of her instinctive desires.

It is the natural fate of a tree planted in an orchard to be grafted with branches from a fruit-bearing strain and have its fruit picked year after year, regardless of its genetic inclinations.

It is the natural fate of a woman born in a Western country to be made over, by education and surgery, into a big-breasted blonde walking on high heels, perpetually smiling and giggling, serving the sexual desires of men, regardless of her personal inclinations.

A c c e p t   Y o u r   N a t u r a l   F a t e

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#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Follower Submissio…

#Tomboy  #Taming a Tomboy  #Follower Submission  #BJ  #Blowjob  #Shower  #She Just Can’t Resist Guys Like This  #She Wants To Be Tough  #But She Winds Up On Her Knees  #Choosy Perverts Choose GIF